We just fell in love with quality and beauty of branded eyewear!

We don’t like fake and 'made in China' eyeglasses with questionable quality, materials and copied design.

Why go for fake and replacement when you can have original for affordable price?

Designer and branded eyewear is a unique mix of beauty and craftsmanship of dedicated people who for more than 50 years bring beauty into our lives.

And mainly, italian companies like Luxottica, Safilo, Marchon, Marcolin, De Rigo etc. are making 90% of the highest quality designer eyeglasses and sunglasses (Dior, Gucci, Ray Ban, Max Mara, Dolce Gabbana, Persol, Tom Ford, Cartier, Calvin Klein etc.).


We went to Italy in 2008, found several suppliers of original branded eyewear and since then we have been online mainly in the Czech Republic.

We operate online or our showroom where we currently have more than 2500 pieces of different eyewear on stock. Each quarter we get additional 500-1000 new items.


We believe that all people should have access to branded eyewear and be beautiful.

Nice fashion accessories make us more confident and can make a big difference in our life.

That's why we decided to open online shop for EU market and offer some beautiful eyewear for the best prices to you.


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